Information About Membership and Points

Earn Points from the Amount You Spend on Purchases

Your current membership level is determined by the total amount you spent on purchases with us in the previous year.*1
The rate at which points are earned differs by membership level, and accumulated points can be used on the SAIL official online shop with the value of 1 point = 1 JPY.
New members receive a gift of 300 points upon registering. (Amazon Pay cannot be used as your purchase method when making a purchase with points.)*2

*1: Your total amount spent between August 1st of the current year and July 31st of the following year determines your membership level for the next cycle from August 1st to July 31st. *2: The discount applied by using points is not compatible with the Amazon Pay system.

Point Acquisition Rate by Membership Level

The total amount you spend on purchases up to July 31st each year determines which of the four membership levels you will be placed into.

Total Amount Spent Membership Level Point Acquisition Rate
Less than 10,000 JPY Regular Member 1 Point per 100 JPY
10,000–19,999 JPY Silver Member 3 Points per 100 JPY
20,000–49,999 JPY Gold Member 5 Points per 100 JPY
More than 50,000 JPY Platinum member 10 Points per 100 JPY
*Points can only be used in the SAIL official online shop. *Points can only be used by registered members. *Points expire one year after they are acquired.

Other Exclusive Membership Perks

Members are eligible to receive exclusive coupons.

*Applies only to members who are registered to receive our email magazine.